Bowling is a fundraiser that is easy and fun to conduct.  People are motivated to participate in a bowling fundraiser because they are rewarded by a couple of hours of fun with a group of like minded friends when in the process.

Fundraisers take on a huge variety of themes….

  • Traditional major causes like Breast Cancer, Heart Disease, ALS, Leukemia, Diabetes, etc….
  • Groups that support animal rescues ranging from dog & cat support to even bunny rabbit shelters
  • Schools raising money for PTO groups as well as sport teams funding their uniforms
  • Scout groups, Church Groups, and a host of other charitable organizations.
  • Pelotonia Rides cost a lot to join and many riders hold their own fundraiser amongst friends and co-workers to support their ride.

Bowling beats other fundraising for two really big reasons:

  1. The weather is not a limiting factor.  Rain outs, too hot or too cold ever ruin your day!
  2. EVERYBODY loves to bowl. Your audience for a bowling fundrasier is just about anyone.  It is also an event that families can do together.  No special skills required!

The fee to bowl is just the beginning.  When your event is happening you can raffle items that have high perceived value but are often donated.  A pair of Ohio State Football tickets, a certificate for a popular restaurant, an array of Ohio Lottery tickets, a round of golf for a group of 4 are examples of popular items that will open wallets to buying lots of chances.  The event comes to a peak of fun as the winners tickets are drawn and your event generates a lot more for the cause.  Many do more than one of these type of secondary events and things like a 50/50 and silent auction can run at the same time with guests gladly taking chances to win in all that you conduct.

The bottom line for all these events is that it is a win for your cause and the participants feel like they got something fun in return.