Kids Birthday Parties


Bowling is the perfect place to host a child’s birthday party.  Kids of all ages love to bowl for their birthday and it is a place they can all have fun.  From a very young child amazed at watching the ball roll down the lane to a group of high school age bowlers, there is nothing that engages fun, playfulness and energy like a kids bowling party.

A quality bowling alley will also have the other key ingredients for a great birthday party and that is PIZZA.  Pizza provides a cost effective way of feeding all of your birthday party guests and everybody loves pizza.  And… bowling lanes are able to withstand the rigors of a group of children and if it gets noisy who cares! Your birthday child will remember their bowling birthday party forever!

Imagine a kids birthday party where the birthday child takes a selfie at the scoring monitor and then see themselves in a series of crazy fun animations up on the scoring screen when they bowl. Between this easy to use new technology and a ball ramp that is in the shape of a dinosaur they have thought of everything to create the best bowling parties you can imagine.  A really good birthday party place will include a variety of party fun beginning with a arcade.

The most exciting birthday gift might even be one that the parents get… aside from maybe picking up trash after opening gifts, you won’t have a days work to put the house back in order!

A deluxe bowling birthday party will include all the birthday table decorations, birthday balloons, birthday party plates, cups and even birthday party themed napkins.  The following link contains birthday party packages that begin with a basic birthday party deal to a deluxe birthday party deal that includes everything from 2 hours of bowling to a bowling pin for kids to autograph as a memory for the birthday child.  Even with a full blown deluxe birthday package, this may be the most fun and lowest cost birthday party you have ever done outside of the house!

Birthday Party Packages